Definition. The ICCC is comprised of all the inhabitants or population of Cognópolis (City of Knowledge), a society of interconnected people having consciential links with conscientiology. It is a conscientiological community complex, of an ongoing joint effort, and having an integrated conscientiological demographic.

The ICCC is made ​​up by researchers, volunteers, teachers, Conscientiocentric Institutions (CIs), Invisible Colleges of Conscientiology, Campi and Cognópolis.

Conscientiocentric Institutions (CIs). Conscientiocentric institutions are institutions that make up the International Conscientiological Cosmoethical Community – ICCC, centralizing activities in consciential self-research and re-education through institutions and transparent legal statutes, that are intrinsic, cosmoethical and conscientiously healthy.

Taxology of Conscientiocentric Institutions

AIEC – Associação Internacional para Expansão da Conscienciologia (International Association for the Expansion of Conscientiology) – An institution which aims to promote, support and implement the different projects of the International Conscientiological Cosmoethical Community.

APEX– Associação Internacional de Programação Existencial (International Association of the Existential Program) – Its purpose is to research and educate about the existential purpose and personal and group evolution, through the consciential paradigm.

ARACÊ – Associação Internacional para a Evolução da Consciência (International Association for the Evolution of the Consciousness) – Focuses on consciousness research aimed at group evolution. It operates in the areas of teaching, research and extension. It develops activities that aim to promote consciential holomaturity.

ASSINVÉXIS – Associação Internacional de Inversão Existencial (International Association of Existential Inversion) – Aims to promote, disseminate and discuss the technique of existential inversion and its related topics.

ASSIPEC – Associação Internacional de Pesquisas da Conscienciologia (International Association of Research of Conscientiology).

ASSIPI – Associação Internacional de Parapsiquismo Interassistencial (International Association of Interassistential Parapsychism) – A conscientiocentric institution specialized in the study, research, development and practical use of parapsychism, aiming for the mature manifestation of self-parapsychism, an essential attribute of consciential evolution.

CEAEC – Associação Internacional do Centro de Altos Estudos da Consciência (International Association of the Center for Higher Studies of Consciousness).

COMUNICONS – Associação Internacional de Comunicação Conscienciológica (International Association of Conscientiological Communication) – Specialized in the task of communicating and promoting the science of conscientiology and its´ specialities.

CONSCIUS – Associação Internacional de Conscienciometria Interassistencial (International Association of Interassistantial Conscientiometry) – Dedicated to the study and application of conscientiometry. Specialty focused on conscientiological measures, through resources and methods that are capable of laying the foundation for the possible mathematization of the consciousness.

DISCERNIMENTUM – Polo Conscienciocêntrico Discernimentum (Conscientiocentric Pole Discernimentum) – Its’ target is to implement Cognópolis in Iguassu Falls, Brasil, through urban planning, environmental management and the integrated actions of structures and services.

ECTOLAB – Associação Internacional de Pesquisa Laboratorial em Ectoplasmia e Paracirurgia (International Association of Laboratorial Research in Ectoplasm and Parasurgery).

ENCYCLOSSAPIENS – Associação Internacional de Enciclopediologia Conscienciológica (International Association of the Encyclopedia of Conscientiology).

EVOLUCIN – Associação Internacional de Conscienciologia para a Infância (International Association of Conscientiology for infancy) – Aims to study and research the processes of human rebirth, providing acceleration of evolution from childhood.

EDITARES – Associação Internacional Editares (International Association Editares) – Prioritizes the production and publication of consciential gestations based on the science of conscientiology and its’ specialties.

IIPC – Instituto Internacional de Projeciologia e Conscienciologia (International Institute of Projectiology and Conscientiology) – Stands for excellence in courses and technical and scientific publications of the two sciences projectiology and conscientiology.

INTERCAMPI  Associação Internacional dos Campi de Pesquisas da Conscienciologia (International Association of Research Campi of Conscientiology).

OIC Organização Internacional de Consciencioterapia (International Organization of Conscientiotherapy) – Dedicated to the study and development of techniques for the treatment, remission and relief of disturbances of the consciousness, through resources and techniques derived from conscientiology.

REAPRENDENTIA – Associação Internacional de Parapedagogia e Reeducação Consciencial (International Association of Parapedagogy and Consciential Re-education) – Specialized in the development of the technical bases of teaching, learning and consciousness re-education based on the premises of conscientiology.

RECONSCIENTIA – Associação Internacional de Pesquisologia para Megaconscientização (International Association of Researchology for Megaconscientization).

UNICIN – União das Instituições Conscienciocêntricas Internacionais (Union of the International Conscientiocentric Institutions) – Its’ objective is the implementation of the bases for a World State, through consciousness re-education and synergism among the volunteers of ICCC and its segments.

UNIESCON – União Internacional de Escritores da Conscien­cio­logia (Inernational Union of Writers of Conscientiology) – Constituted by authors of conscientiological books which targets the exchange between writers and the qualification of leading edge relative truths and masterpieces. It prioritizes conscientiological writing and acts to promote the publication of conscientiological books.