Meetings. The Invisible College of Parareurbanology meets fortnightly on Sundays, at 11am (GNT Brasilia) via teleconference with the intention to organize, update, and to continue and support the research and work carried out by the college and its members.

Group dynamic. On December 24, 2013, during the IX Penta Forum at CEAEC in Foz do Iguaçu, the Invisible College of Pararreurbanologia led a group dynamic involving participants of the forum and other invited researchers.

The purpose of the dynamic was to support the extraphysical reurbanization of the planet through penta, and to disseminate conscientiology to other continents.

It was proposed that penta practitioners “adopt” a country of free choice in their penta for a period of 1 year from the date of the forum. The groups were divided into 4 continents: countries within the American continent, Europe, Asia-Oceania and Africa.

By May 2014, 71 practitioners had already adopted 42 countries in their penta.

In case the reader is a penta practitioner and wishes to participate in this proposal of extraphysical reurbanization, please send an email to

To increase the link with the chosen country the penta practitioner may search or monitor the current social, economic and political problems of that country. He/she can focus on assistance to the nation’s leader, politicians, groups or minorities in difficulties or any other obstacle that prevents the country from having a better environment from which to live in.

Invisible College’s presentation in the X Penta Forum (2014)

The Invisible College of Parareurbanology (ICP) presented during the X Penta Forum the results of the Global Parareurbanology’s dynamic which was held during the IX Penta Forum (2013).
Please find below the statistics and, if you want to participate in this project by adopting a country to your Penta, write an email to

Results of the Global Parareurbanology’s Dynamic held during the IX Penta Forum
Download(PDF – 4.5Mb) 

Watch the video of the Invisible College’s presentation in the X Penta Forum (2014)