Alexandre Balthazar – Architect and urban planner, Master of Urbanism, volunteer of conscientiology since 1993, a conscientiology teacher since 1994, coordinator of Grinvex between 1993 and 1995, architect member of the project team and at CEAEC and ARACÊ, founder of CEAEC and ARACÊ Association, Manager of the Polo Discernimentum in 2010 and 2011, penta practitioner since 1995, currently coordinator of the ASSINVÉXIS campus, researcher of parareurbanology with a focus on the installation of conscientiocentric campi.

Paula Souza – Bachelor of Architecture, Master of Bioclimatic Architecture and expert on energy certification of buildings. Volunteer of conscientiology since 2000, a conscientiology teacher since 2013, penta practitioner since 2012. She researches the themes  of extraphysical reurbanization and sustainability.


Adriana Accioly –  Master in Organizations and Development, Social Worker, Family Therapist, specialist in chemical addiction, law academic, a volunteer of the International Institute of Projectiology and Conscientiology – IIPC – Curitiba and researcher of the Invisible College of Parareurbanology with the following research themes: Drug addiction and paramediation of conflicts. Curriculum lattes:

Aline Bittencourt – Bachelor of Architecture, Master in Audit and Environmental Impacts. Volunteer of conscientiology since 1998, teaching conscientiology since 1999, penta practitioner since 2005. Currently she is a volunteer of Encyclossapiens and researcher of the Invisible College of Parareurbanology with focus on intraphysical reurbanization-extraphysical reurbanization – restorative architecture.

Ana Claudia Prado – Degree in education with specialization in educational psychology. Volunteer of conscientiology since 1996, a teacher of conscientiology since 1998, and a penta practitioner since 1998.  Currently she is a volunteer of INTERCAMPI – Natal. She is a researcher of the Invisible College of Parareurbanology focusing on reurbanization and consciential re-education.

Anne-Catrin Vogt – German, graduated in business administration with a postgraduate degree in international marketing. She is a volunteer of conscientiology since May 1996 and a teacher since 1998. Currently she is volunteering at OIC and lives in Germany.

Eduardo Vicenzi-Brazilian, graduated in civil engineering with postgraduate studies in MBA applied to ERP. He is a volunteer of conscientiology since 1997 and has taught since 1999. Currently he is a volunteer of OIC (International Organization of Conscientiotherapy) and lives in Germany.

Eliane Guaraldo

Giuliana Costa – (1977 -). Degree in geology, M.Sc. in economic geology, postgraduate in business administration (MBA); Brazilian, born in Itapira; researcher of conscientiology since June 2010. Research topic: redevelopment of East Africa.

Isabelle Ulysséa

Júlio Borges

Kim McCaul

Lourenço Pina Jr

Manori Sumanasinghe

Maria Cecília Roma

Maria Cristina Nievas

Murilo Augusto

Nelson Abreu

Patrícia Ribeiro

Rafael Cavalcanti Braga – (1974-). Architect and urban planner since 1999. He works with projects and constructions. A volunteer and researcher of conscientiology since 2003, a teacher since 2008 and  penta practitioner since 2014. He works with projects, construction and infrastructure consultancy at CEA in Rio de Janeiro and IIPC Campus in Saquarema. He researches recycling and changes in people and environments generating significant reurbanizations.

Regina Tschud – German. Education in business administration, working as a project manager of an eLeaning platform for medical professionals. Volunteer since 2007, penta practitioner since 2012, joined the Invisible College of Parareurbanology in 2014. Fields of interest: pacification, reurbanization, consciential re-education and the study of mechanisms and effects related to the renovation of (holo)thosenes and their impact on Reurbin/Reurbex aswell as the desoma process.

Sofia Curvêlo

Vera Hajjar