Parareurbanology. Is the speciality of conscientiology, which studies the techniques, assistantial maximechanism and effects of multidimensional reurbanization (reurbex and reurbin) on this planet. It is a scientific sub-field of assistentiology.

Assistentiology. Is the speciality of conscientiology applied to the techniques of helpers and interconsciential aid, notably to the consciousness considered as a “whole”, including holosomatic and multimillenary considerations aiming to achieve holomaturity. The work of lucid solidarity between consciousnesses on the way to megafraternity.

Reurbanization. Is the act, process or effect of reurbanizing; urbanizing again, expanding, reorganizing urban space; provide a certain space with infrastructure to achieve the best quality of life; provide a needy area with infrastructure, ensuring human development of cities.

Reurbin. Reurbin or intraphysical reurbanization is the change for the better of intraphysical environments and communities through a reorganization of derelict, disadvantaged and / or pathological urban spaces, eliminating ghettos and stigmatized environments, providing the area with infrastructure, improving the physical, environmental and social environment, and restoring buildings. This results in an improved quality of life for its residents and consequently in their self-esteem. It sometimes generates urban, ecological and / or cultural tourism, migration flows and, especially, creates opportunities for intraconsciential and existential recycling.

Reurbex. Extraphysical Reurbanization is a change for the better of sick, degraded anti-cosmoethical environments and communities sponsored by the Homo Sapiens Serenissimi, in order to sanitize the intraphysical holothosene in areas within the intraphysical society, which have an anti-evolutive and deleterious influence on humankind (Homo Sapiens Reurbanisatus – Page 245).